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A significant ingredient in Forever Garcinia Plus is Chromium Picolinate. chromium is rarely found in today’s diets, but it can help to support metabolism of carbohyrdates. Sugar and excercise cause the body to use more of the limited amount that is consumed. Three Forever Garcinia Plus capsules yield 300mcg of Chromium.

The two other important ingredients found in Forever Garcinia Plus are Medium Chain Triglycerides (MCT) and Safflower Oil. These ingredients are sometimes called “healthy fats” or “fatless fats”.These oils helps to keep the blood vessels flexible and have been shown to be important for overall cardiovascular support. They boost the metabolic rate, so the body burns these oils for quick energy. They energize the quickly, making Forever Garcinia Plus an excellent supplement for any active or athletic lifestyle. The added benefits of these two healthy oils include their contribution to healthy skins, hair and nails.

  • Contains a natural appetite suppressant
  • Temporarily inhibits the enzyme that converts calories into fat
  • A useful tool in weight management

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Forever Garcinia Plus® is a revolutionary dietary supplement, containing ingredients that may aid in weight loss. The primary ingredient is a natural substance derived from the fruit of a Southern Asian tree, the Garcinia Cambogia, also known as the Malabar Tamarind. The rind of this fruit is dried and used to produce a substance that is very similar to the citric acid found in oranges and other citrus fruits.

Specialists in plant compounds became aware of the remarkable qualities of this substance in the late 1960s, when they learned that it can temporarily inhibit the body’s production of fats from carbohydrates. During the normal metabolism of a meal, carbohydrate calories that are not used immediately for energy or stored as glycogen are converted into fats in the liver. Garcinia works by inhibiting the enzyme (citrate liase) which converts these calories into fat. As a result, the body will burn existing fat stores, thus aiding in weight loss.

When enough glycogen has been created and stored in the liver, a message is sent to the brain indicating sufficient food has been taken. This action is called a satiety reflex, and quells the appetite, reducing the desire for more food.


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