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Xanthomax Capsules

Xanthomax is a Xanthohumol based nutraceutical that is derived from Hops flowers — most likely the same plant used to flavor your favorite beer! You would have to drink a lot of beer, approximately 2,000 liters, to get the same equivalency. Like many dietary antioxidants, Xanthohumol is a flavonoid. Xanthomax uses liposomal technology which helps to protect the nutrients from being destroyed in your stomach and delivers our proprietary blend directly to your cells. Xanthomax supports your well-being!

Supports healthy metabolic activity
Assists with the elimination of metabolic waste and toxins
Addresses free radicals and sources of oxidative stress
Helps protects against viruses, bacteria, and fungi
Helps maintain a healthy heart and cholesterol levels
Works to help reduce the long-term risk of serious health problems
Helps fight poor sleep and insomnia
Supports weight management
Supports skin tone and color
Helps maintain healthy eye cornea and retina
Supports non-thermogenic energy enhancement

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Nutritional support for the four hormones associated with happiness.

Our unique and proprietary products bundled together (Elevate coffee and Xanthomax) naturally promote your body’s own happiness hormones, Dopamine, Oxytocin, Serotonin and Endorphins. Elevate Coffee is not just a coffee. It is a functional beverage, with a proprietary blend of natural and botanical NOOTROPICS.

Xanthomax is a bio-available xanthohumol with the ability to support your body’s ability to produce its own oxytocin, naturally. Oxytocin is often called the hormone of happiness. Xanthohumol is a molecule found in the hops plant.


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